Off-Road and Rock Crawling DVD's

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All My Dirty Friend's 2



All My Dirty Friends 2 is a compilation of footage from some of the most hardcore trails in North America. We came back from wheelin' in Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Utah with a bunch of killer footage. This DVD contains a good mix of trails, competitions, full bodied rigs, and buggies with some crazy antics in between.

4 Locked Films latest movie "4LO" is the perfect mix of trail wheeling and competition crawling. The 4Locked crew traveled all over and even as far as Moab, UT to catch the intense action of the XRRA rock racing series. This isn't your average rock crawling movie, but rather it shows more of the life style and good times which what wheeling is all about.
Haulin' or Crawlin' 4   Climb: A Rockcrawling Evolution

The Xtremey Award Winning Producers, RP Films, bring to you Haulin' or Crawlin' 4! You asked and we listened. The Haulin or Crawlin crew spent the 2006 season traveling the U.S. to capture the most intense wheeling out there. Footage from the most extreme pro events is combined with a ton of trail wheelin from New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, The Hammers and other great locations. From the Bender Jambo to the W.E. ROCK Rock Crawling Series to the SRRA Rock Racing Series, RP Films was there.

This DVD has exclusive footage of the event "King of BFE" and the W.E.ROCK World Finals. We even captured the wild 4x4 "Rail Slide" talked about time and again on!



"Climb – A Rockcrawling Evolution” is a high energy documentary film reminiscent of the Dana Brown’s and Warren Miller’s of our time. Featuring some of the world’s best in this motorsport, Bart Jacobs, Johnny G, Carl Williams, and John Williams, lead the viewer through the ups and downs of the UROC Supercrawl World Championships and the historic first-ever man-made Rockcrawling course. Watch as the best competitors of the sport battle it out and find out who will win the world championship cup and who will climb the 30’ vertical rock wall. DVD features never-before seen footage through a secret unlock code, interactive menus and debuts some of the Country’s best independent bands. Bonus footage includes interactive menus and non-stop 4x4 action. Suitable for all audiences.
Crawling is for Babies   Dirty Money 4x4

While the title might sound like someone looking for a fight… This video showcases top drivers such as Shannon Campbell, Rick Dermo, JT Taylor, Mark Munson, Jason Berger, Cottin Rodd and others while they bust up ledges and haul ass over big jumps during the 2006 Xtreme Rock Racing season. This is the only DVD that has footage from all 5 official races and the first ever east coast race at Paragon Adventure Park. While the main video is 35 minutes long, we include 15 minutes of bonus RAW footage. This DVD has an optional soundtrack so you can either crank up the tunes or just listen to the V8’s Roar.

Rockcrawling fanatics sell engagement rings, engage in questionable bets, and sell blood all to pay for their “Dirty Money” habit. In Dirty Money 4x4 tm Rock Crawlers and Racers unite for a fast paced, explosive 4x4 experience. Dirty Money 4x4 features the best of the 2004 UROC events XRRA Rock Racing, and freestyle rock stomping. Raising the stakes makes 4x4 more intense, and S.A.M 4x4 Films gives you a pit pass to the breaks, rolls, and finesse. Featuring drivers/spotters Johnny G, Nate Williams, John Williams, Josh Ayres and many more.
Dirty Money II: Flat Broke   Gription
Ride with us, flat out, flat open, and flat broke. Features Rock Racing from XRRA, UROC, Moab, and other venues. Rock Stars include Josh Ayres, Nate Williams, Jon Williams, Crash, Johnny G, Tracy Jordan, Shannon Campbell, and many more

  The debut rock crawling and off-road film by JD Films. We take you throughout California, Nevada, Moab, Utah, Japan, Norway & Sweden featuring the best highlights from the last two years of competition & off-roading.

Built To Grind - Volume 2   Honkies 2

Twice the footage and more than twice the HP. Follow along as the Built To Grind rockcrawlers take you to some of Arizona's most extreme trails, this time packing more cylinders.  Includes footage from: Skullcrusher, Saw, Dirty Sanchez, Pet Cemetery, Collateral Damage, Twisted, S&M, Matrix, annihilator, 2006 Turkey on the Rocks, 2007 MLK Weekend.

All the boys from Honkies 1 and some new friends, wreck havoc throughout the West Coast. This year we hit up a few new locations and killed it at a couple of classics. To stay with the theme of the last films wehave some car crashing and other random Redneck fun to break up the crawling.

Return to Power   Rowdy Session
Raw power and broken parts inspired this production after an initial trip down to Alabama. SWG Productions have traveled the Deep South to capture the insanity that they brew. These wheelers talk slow and carry a huge right foot to battle the mud, rocks, and trees that make the Southern runs memorable and amazing.
  4 Locked Films is proud to present "4 LO 2" the follow up to their debut film "4 LO". Shot on location at the most brutal terrain of Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington. So if you're ready for an engine roarin', tire shreddin', visual experience join us we travel the west.