Warn Winch Systems
Thermometric Self-Recovery Winch
The new 9.5tl packs 9500 lbs of pulling capacity into a massive 12.5 lb 360-Aluminum die-cast body. Seals at the key points give extreme-duty water resistance.  A Gen II Bosch motor delivers just the right balance between torque and speed. The thermometric indicator gives the operator information about motor temperature during the winching operation.
W67550 $1811.95

Self-Recovery Winch
The 925xp winch features an all new, High Output Parallel Series Wound winch motor that's the strongest and most durable in the industry. The 6 hp motor, 3-stage planetary gearing and continous duty control pack work in sync to tackle the most demanding pulls. Full face contact drum seals, motor and end housing gaskets deliver extreme-duty water resistance.
W68500 $1762.95

Self-Recovery Winch
You'll probably see more XD9000i winches on trail rigs than any other winch. No load line retrieval of 38 ft per minute and three-stage planetary gearing are just a few reasons why.  It's also a terrific fit in a hidden mounting system.
W27550 $1509.95

Self-Recovery Winch
Little brother of the XD9000i with many of the same features.  A 4.8 hp series wound motor and proven three-stage planetary gearing deliver an excellent no-load line speed of 42 ft per minute.  The full-load pull rate is over 8 ft per minute.  An integrated control pack and direct drive cone braking system are reliable and quiet
W28401 Soon

Self-Recovery Winch
Loved by off-roaders who compete for prizes, it's Warns fastest winch. No load retrieval speed is a very quick 73.4 ft per minute and with 150 fit of 5/16" cable it has extremely long line capacity.  The spur-gear drivetrain and the upright design make it very rugged while the braking system delivers smooth operation with superior heat rejection.  8000 lb Capacity.
W38631 $2497.95

Self-Recovery Winch
Compact, tough and an outstanding value. Comes with hawse fairlead and 80 ft 5/16" wire cable.
W20910 $1149.95

Winch Accessories

W13917 Soft Winch Cover, XD9000i, X8000i, HS $69.95
W18250 Soft Winch Cover, M8000 $89.95
W8557 Soft Winch Cover, M8274-50 $72.95
W25300 Accessory Kit in Red Nylon Warn Bag $280.95
W25580 Cover, Plastic for Roller Fairlead $57.95
W32959 Accessory Power Interrupt Kit $101.95
W5742 Roller Fairlead $176.95
W8555 Snatch Block $107.95

Winch Mounts for Jeeps

Winch Mounting Kits
W11310 For M8274 1945-1986 CJ's $223.95
W13910 For All (Except M8274) CJ's $165.95
W21390 For All (Except M8274) YJ's $160.95
W21395 For M8274 1987-1995 YJ's $318.95
W33090 For All (Except M8274) 1997 TJ $284.95
W38671 For M8274 1997-2000 TJ's $294.95

Tubular Grille Guard For TJ Factory Bumper
 W33091 1997 TJ $247.95
W37171 1998-2000 TJ $251.95

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Rock Crawler Bumpers

Warn incorporates years of off-road experience to deliver well engineered, durable and great looking bumpers. The first thing you’ll notice are the tapered ends which dramatically increase approach angles. Other features include welded eyelets to mount D-ring shackles and pre-drilled holes for lights in front. Outback a 2” receiver for portable winch or shackle bracket increases recovery options. Both are laser cut from 3/16” steel, CNC formed and roboticly welded for precise fit and powder coated black for durability.

Front Bumpers
W61853 1997-2004 TJ Wranglers $350.95
W61856 1987-1995 YL Wranglers $350.95
W61859 1976-1986 CJ's $350.95

Rear Bumpers
W61854 1997-2004 TJ Wranglers $428.95
W61857 1987-1995 YJ Wranglers $428.95
W61860 1976-1986 CJ's $428.95

Rock Sliders

One of the most vulnerable parts of your Jeep’s® body are it’s rocker panels. The Rock Sliders are designed to protect your sheetmetal during off road excursions while not adding anything for your Jeep to get hung up on. Made from thick 3/16” reinforced steel they bolt directly to the body and are powder coated black for durability. Mounting hardware included. Some drilling required.

W63002 1997-2003 TJ Wranglers $383.95
W63003 1987-1996 YJ Wranglers $383.95
W63004 1976-1986 CJ's $383.95

Rock Crawler Bumpers & Tire Carriers

Tire Carrier Bumpers
W65508 1997-2004 TJ Wranglers $530.95
W65509 1987-1995 YJ Wranglers $530.95

Tire Carrier for Above
W63253 1976-1986 CJ7 $536.95
W64337 1987-2004 YJ & TJ Wranglers $545.95


All Prices are subject to change without notice.  Items subject to availability