Powertank Performance Air Systems
PRO Series Tire Repair Kit

All off road rigs should have a good tire repair kit. The problem is that there are none that are complete. So we designed our own tire repair kit using the best quality tire repair parts in the industry. First we started with aluminum handle tools for lightweight and strength. The needle and reamer are guaranteed never to bend or break. Next we added (30) self-vulcanizing BLACK plugs, two large patches in case of a thread cut that won't hold plugs, 24" of stainless steel wire in case you have to sew a major side wall cut, and a jar of lube to make the job easier, two knives to cut the plug ends, a 4-in-1 valve core tool, and allens for the tools. All in a high impact storage box. Don't buy a kit that is incomplete or includes cheap, useless stuff.
KIT-8131 $39.95
RV Power Tank-10 lb. Basic System

This RV Series Power Tank high performance air system is the one designed for the RVer. The RV Series comes with a Super Flow preset regulator. Static outlet pressure of 180 PSI and a very high flow rate of 24 CFM. This is a great system for those looking for Power Tank performance and reliability to inflate high pressure RV and trailer tires; some as high as 130 PSI. If you need to add 7 PSI to your 22.5" tire this system will do approx. 40 tires on one fill. We highly recommend the new Speed Bag for safety and ease of storage and carrying. If you're looking for an air system with an adjustable pressure regulator look into our Comp Series Power Tanks. The Comp Series HPX regulator is adjustable from 0-200 PSI and boasts a 31 CFM flow rate max for faster tire inflations and the ability to run air tools, blow out lines, etc. This system comes with the SuperFlow RV Series 160 PSI pre-set regulator.
RVPT-10 $329.95
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Comp Series Air Tank System

The PT10 Package A System is our 2nd hottest selling Power Tank air system behind the PT10 Pkg. B. It's clean and simple and includes all of the basic parts for a great starter air system. Package A includes: PT10 Alumuinum Tank (powder coated) w/ Nickel Plated Valve, SuperFlow HPX Regulator, 25' HP1100 braided hose, Power Grip Guard, Super Bracket, Tank Boot, Reg. Cover.
PT10-5240  $439.95
Power Bracket

The Power Bracket is our newest bracket. It combines the best features of all of our brackets into one. It features thick aluminum frame with a stout floor that is TIG welded into place. Two stainless steel straps and lockable latches hold the tank securely into the frame against seven (7) rubber bumper pads. Stainless steel rivets hold the straps and latches together giving it a maximum sheer strength. Made to fit tanks with tank boots, the bolt hole pattern is within the boot base void so the tank sits flat to the floor. And of course the bolt pattern in the frame matches our roll bar clamps (pictured) for a clean easy fit. This taller frame works great with the taller 15 lb. tanks
BKT-2282  $69.95
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Heavy Duty Tire inflator

This is our most popular tire inflator model for the offroad market. Heavy duty construction easy to read 2.5" diameter dial gauge, adjustable pointer for pin-point accuracy (lets you adjust the pointer yourself with a sm. screw driver), rubber shock boot gauge protection, tough 24" HP-1100 hose whip, European style clip on chuck on a 90 elbow (this allows easy access to stems pointing towards 4x4 hubs or large hub caps. The body is a high flow design with an ergonomic thumb trigger. This tool even works as a tire pressure gauge by itself.
TIG-8200  $59.95
Mini Monster Tire Deflators (Set of 5)

If you want an ECONOMICAL yet SUPER FAST way to deflate your big tires here it is. MINI MONSTERS are deflation valves that are easily installed into your wheels. With a twist of the little knob your tire pressures will drop quickly. Tires 35" or smaller will defalte faster than 1 PSI per second. To install just drill a 7/16" hole, tap it with a 1/4" pipe thread tap, and screw the valves in. No tire removal is necesary. These are also available in sets of four valves and with a clip-on pressure gauge so you know when to shut the valves at the right pressure. Steve recommends getting it with the clip-on tire inflator with gauge. This way you can use the gauge to monitor pressures while deflating and also use the inflator for quick and easy inflations.
MON-7105  $54.95

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