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Extremeaire Magnum Compressor
Part # 007-222 
Imagine an ExtremeAire Compressor with TWICE the power and speed, all in a package only 2" longer than the original! Now you can have a continuous 12 volt compressor that will put out 6 CFM free flow and a whopping 2.6 CFM at 100 psi. Nothing in its size, class or price range even comes close! The ExtremeAire Magnum utilizes a 1.5 HP fan cooled motor and longer piston stroke to make the impossible possible. The Magnum has all the key features of the original ExtremeAire such as superior filtering, stainless steel hardware, heat dissipation cylinder coating and powder coated filter housing and fan shroud. Plus it can be mounted in any angle or position, even upside down! Sealed bearings mean no servicing or lubrication is necessary. Uses include filling tires, running air tools, air bags, lockers, train horns, etc. It is the perfect unit for jobsite chores or ranch duties. Since the unit is totally sealed from the elements, you can mount it under your truck on the frame rail so valuable storage space is preserved.
Tech Specs:
-1.5 HP Motor
-95 amps @ 12.5 Volts DC
-Continuous Duty @ 150 psi
-6 CFM @ 0 psi
-2.6 CFM @ 100 psi
-Weight: 20 lbs.
-Dimensions: 16" long x 6" wide x 9.5" tall


Extreme Magnum Portable
Part # 007-223 

Portable version of the ExtremeAire Magnum with the following components:
-10 feet of 4 gauge jumper cables
-30 feet of polyurethane coil hose with hose whips on each end
-40 feet of reach from the battery to end of air hose
-Heavy duty electrical quick disconnects
-All air fittings, quick disconnects and air chucks are solid brass
-All mounting hardware is stainless steel
-LED Flashlight included
-Stainless Steel pressure gauge included
-Box size: 20" long x 8" deep x 9" tall
-Weight: 34 lbs.












Extremeaire 12 Volt Compressor
Part # 007-000 

The ExtremeAire Severe Duty Compressor is setting standards for high output compressors. By utilizing a 3/4 horsepower fan cooled motor, overheating is a thing of the past. Designed to fill the largest 4WD tires or the highest-pressure RV tires, this unit can fill tires continuously with no fear of motor burnout. With a 150psi working pressure, you can fill air tanks and run impact wrenches to dismount and mount wheels easily. For clean air in the dirtiest environments, the ExtremeAire uses an oversize UNI-Filter that is crush proof, washable and reusable. All major motorcycle teams use UNI-Filters for Baja and motocross racing. In addition, the fan shaft has a sweeper filter to keep dirt and debris out of the motor and brushes, at the same time, allowing moisture and condensation to escape. The ExtremeAire is permanently lubed with sealed bearings so it can be mounted in any position making installation much easier. Every ExtremeAire utilizes stainless steel fasteners Loctited for a long and trouble free life in the highest vibration applications. Uses for the ExtremeAire include 4WD, RV, Agricultural, Construction, Motorsports, etc. No other 12-volt compressor has the speed, continuous duty cycle, output, pressure rating, and reliability that the ExtremeAire can deliver.
Tech Specs:
- Continuous duty cycle
- 3/4 horsepower motor
- 30-amp draw at 35psi
- 40-amp draw at 150psi
- 4 cfm free flow rate
- 150psi max working pressure
- Can be mounted upside down
- 14" long, 6" wide, 9", tall

Extremeaire Portable Compressor
Part # 007-001

All the great features and performance of the ExtremeAire High Output in a portable package. Easy to use from vehicle to vehicle, stores neatly in a weatherproof box for years of service.
Tech Specs:
- 10 feet of 10 gauge jumper cables
- 30 feet of Polyurethane coil hose
   with hose whips on each end
- 40 feet of reach from battery to end of air hose!!
- Heavy duty electrical quick disconnects
- All air fittings, quick disconnects and
  air chucks are chucks are solid brass
- All mounting hardware is stainless steel
- Stainless steel flashlight
- Stainless steel pressure gauge
- Box size: 20" long, 8" deep, 9" tall
- Outback Portable weight: 34 lbs



Extremeaire Jr. 12 Volt Compressor
Part # 007-007

Great for smaller tires and applications where the ExtremeAire is just too big. The ExtremeAire Jr uses the same great Uni Filter system for complete dirt protection as the ExtremeAire. The smaller case makes it much easier to mount and the unit can be mounted in any direction or angle. We recommend the ExtremeAire Jr for tires 31" and smaller and it is a great compressor for running your ARB's.
Tech Specs:
-22 amp motor
- horsepower
-" npt brass outlet
-1.5 cfm free flow rate
-50% duty cycle
-150 psi max pressure
-Fills a 30 x 9.5 x 15 tire from 10 psi to 25 psi in 2 minutes
-Length: 10.5", -Heigth: 6.5", -Width: 4"

Extremeaire Jr Portable Compressor
Part # 007-008

Complete portable version of the ExtremeAire Jr.
Includes 20' of polyurethane coil hose, 10' of full size
jumper cables, brass fittings, flashlight and pressure
gauge. Steel box measures 16" x 8" x 8".
Great unit for multiple vehicles, boats, RV's, ATV's. etc


Atom Aire Compresor
Part # 077-022
The perfect compressor to replace your ARB or pneumatic locking differential compressor. Works great for filling tires on quads, ATV's, Rhino's, etc. Plenty of power to fill tires, will not get hot and can be mounted in any position or angle. Other uses include pressurizing air rams, air shifters, air bags, air horns, etc.
Tech Specs:
- 10 amp motor
- .9 CFM free flow
- 220 psi max pressure
- Continuous Duty
Air Compressor Accessories
Part # 002-222 Two Gallon Air Tank $69.95
Part # 002-224 Four Gallon Air Tank
Part # 002-097 One Way Check Valve
Part # 002-103 100 Amp Relay
Part # 002-145 Pressure Switch
Part # 002-110 Circuit Breaker









Part # 001-000
Part # 001-110 Standard Iron
Part # 001-111 Deluxe Iron

Tyrepliers allow for easy bead breaking and tire removal in the field or shop. For use on all alloy, steel and split rims. Adjustable from sizes 4" to 19.5" in diameter. Tyrepliers will not scratch or damage rims, even if painted or polished. Excellent for use on 4X4's, trucks, cars, ATV's, garden equipment and trailers. The 6 pound tool is electroplated high quality steel with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. Tyrepliers are the only beadbreaker endorsed and used by the Australian military and even carry a worldwide NATO stocking number. These units are built to withstand continuous use in difficult conditions. Unaffected by sand, mud, moisture or freezing temperatures. The 22" length allows for easy toolbox or mobile storage, making field repairs a snap!


Extreme Outback Beadbuster
Part # 008-200

Can a bead breaker thats fits in the palm of your hand work on your stubborn truck and equipment tires?  It can and it does if you use Extreme Outback Products new Beadbuster.  Designed to fit any Hi-Lift Style Jack, the Beadbuster uses the weight to make easy work of breaking beads on 15:, 16" and 17" diameter wheels.  The units comes with stainless steel bolts that quickly attach the Beadbuster to the bottom of your jacks base plate.  Lay the tire and wheel under your bumper, position your beadbuster on your wheels outer edge and use the jacks power and vehicle weight to get the job done.  The beadbuster can also be used as a stabilizer foot to keep your jack in place in tricky terrain conditions.

No Loss Valve Caps
Part # 008-001

Imagine never losing a valve cap while airing up or down on your off-roading adventures. Our caps are built for NATO military vehicles. Seems they want a valve cap that can hold tire pressures even if the valve core fails. Not a bad idea. The No Loss cap is all brass with a knurled outer surface. Brass will not stick to your brass valve stem threads like those cheap aluminum caps. Road salts, road chemicals and moisture can set up electrolysis and actually fuse the aluminum caps to the brass valve stem threads. Can't check your pressures if you can't get the valve cap off, can we? Inside the No Loss cap is a quality 0-ring for a positive air tight seal. Guaranteed not to leak even if the valve core is missing. Great for off-roaders that are airing up and airing down huge tires numerous times per day. If running low pressures off-road, just remove the core. Your compressor will thank you and your air down times will be much faster. The retaining strap keeps the No Loss cap attached to your valve stem. No more losing caps, storing them in your mouth (yuck!) or fumbling in cold weather with gloves on. Forget to screw your No Loss caps back on?? Retaining strap is strong enough to withstand 80 mph speeds with the No Loss cap just hanging there!! Can be used on any valve stem. The list is endless. 4WD's, RV's, sports cars, motorcycles, ATV's, Semi Trucks, construction equipment, farm equipment, planes, mountain bikes, go karts, drag cars, etc. Made in Great Britain.




Mil-Spec Deflators
Part # 008-201
 Rockcrawler $99.95
Part # 008-202 

The name is a mouthful, but you didn't expect the military to just call something this special "deflators" did you? Yes, the military uses deflators and these units are the ones they use. Built in the UK to demanding specifications, these Mil-Spec Multi Choice Deflators are the best money can buy. Why? Well, the military found that different conditions require different tire pressures. This is obvious to off roaders, but how do you change quickly from one setting to another, especially under stressful conditions (like you're getting shot at!!)? The Mil-Spec Multi Choice Deflators feature six different pressure ranges all preset and easily visible. Want to change to a different setting? Just turn the dial to your desired number. It's as easy as changing the channel on your television. Now you have the ability to lower the pressure in 2 psi increments, as the need arises. Often, the front and rear pressures are not going to be the same. These deflators let you experiment with tire pressures so easily, you'll be the envy of all your peers! And you don't need to worry about having a minimum required pressure in your tire to start the deflator working. Our units can restart from 4 psi down to 2 psi. Imagine, being at 6 psi and wanting to drop to 4 psi or from 4 psi to 2 psi? This is now possible and as easy as turning the selector dial. Every time you use the Mil-Spec Multi Choice Deflators, they self clean themselves by design. Sand, grit, mud and snow problems are a thing of the past. And with over 3 inches of linear surface area for the air to escape, these deflators are much faster than the traditional single setting deflators. Many customers find they only need two deflators since they are so fast and find it so easy to change pressure settings from front to rear in an instant. The Mil-Spec Multi Choice Deflators come in two pressure ranges
The Rock Crawler units are pre-set at 2 psi, 4 psi, 6 psi,
8 psi, 10 psi and 12 psi.
Our Standard Deflator units are pre-set at 10 psi, 12 psi,
14 psi, 16 psi, 18 psi and 20 psi.
Ultimate Puncture Repair Kit
Part # 001-009

Wow! The BEST tire repair kit on the market, period! Voted as one of Truck Trend Magazines Top Picks for 2007, this well thought out kit has everything you need to repair your tire, no matter the size! Packed into a handy, safari-style zippered bag, every item has a purpose! All components are Expedition quality for maximum effectiveness! Over 25 different items intended to help get you back on the road quickly!



Extreme Outback Recovery Kit
Part # 003-203

The Extreme Outback Recovery Kit is designed for vehicle recovery in harsh conditions. Our newest kit has been upgraded to meet US Military standards. The kit contains a 30' snatch strap and a 10' tree trunk protector. All straps feature double wrapped eyes for abrasion resistance from tow hooks, shackles, etc. A 17,500 lb pulley block allows the user to double his load capacity while winching and is easily serviced with a greasable zerk fitting. An ingenious pull pin gets rid of the brittle snap ring the competition uses and allows for easy field stripping without snap ring pliers or tools. Two heavy duty shackles are included for multiple rigging options. For difficult attachment points, 10' of grade 70 chain is included with a grab hook and upgraded slide hook with latch, making it a great choker chain. Our new gloves are fully insulated and closed cuffed to protect your hands and keep them warm. They have higher wrist coverage for added protection plus a reflective knuckle band to increase visibility in low light conditions. To assist in reseating tire beads or securing equipment, we've upgraded to a full 16' ratchet strap with extra large "T" handle for more leverage. The Extreme Outback Recovery Kit is stored in a heavy duty ballistic nylon bag which lays flat when unbuckled, allowing quick access to all recovery gear. New all steel buckles allow this kit to withstand multiple military drop tests. Velcro enclosure flaps were added to keep contents within the bag, no matter what the conditions. Finally, a bright red reflective triangle makes the bag useful as a highway signal device. All products exceed strict Australian safety and quality control standards.

Weight: 36lbs.
Tuff Pull Recovery Winch
Part # 003-750 1750 Lb
Part # 003-350 3500 Lb
Part # 003-777 7000 Lb

The Tuff-Pull 4WD Recovery Winch is lightweight, fast, simple and safe to operate. Rated at 7,700 lb single line dead lift capacity, this manual winch can be used in horizontal, vertical or angled working conditions. Capacity can easily be tripled to 23,100 lbs using snatch blocks. With this winch, you can pull your vehicle from the front, rear or sides. It is also very handy for farm, shop or construction work. The unit is easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle. The 60 pound winch is built with a tough steel housing and high quality machined steel components for ease of operation. Overloading is prevented by the use of a shear pin located in the forward lever, which will shear at 125% of rated maximum capacity. The broken pins can be replaced without removing the load and spare pins are conveniently located in the lever handle. Each winch includes 66 feet of high quality cable mounted on its own storage reel. The cable is fitted with a safety latch hook at one end and is tapered at the other end for easy access into the unit. The handle collapses to 25 inches for storage and telescopes out to 46 inches for greater leverage. Each full stroke cycle advances the cable 1. 1 inches.


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