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The CJ8 went into production in 1981 and lasted until 1986
Quick I.D. Features: Round Fenders, Round Headlights, 59" Windshield Frame,
Bottom Hinged Tailgate and 103.5" Wheelbase

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Vin Number for 1981 to 1986 CJ's (All)
1st 1 = USA Country
2nd J = Jeep Make
3rd C = MPV
E = Export LHD
F = Export RHD
4th B = 151ci
L = 232ci
C = 258ci
H = 301ci
F = Diesel
5th B = Auto, Floor
A = Auto, Column
M = 4 Speed
N = 5 Speed
6th & 7th 85= CJ5
86 = CJ6
87 = CJ7
88 = CJ8
8th A = 3,750 lbs
E = 4,150 lbs
(Gross Vehicle Weight)
9th Check # Check #
10th B = 1981
C = 1982
D = 1983
E = 1984
F = 1985
G = 1986
11th T = Toledo Plant
12th - 17th ###### SSN
(Sequential Serial Number
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CJ8 Scrambler History

The (CJ-8) Scrambler was a pickup truck version of the CJ-7, introduced in 1981. It featured a 103-inch (2,616 mm) wheelbase and a pickup bed. Only 27,792 were built in the five years of production before being replaced by the similarly-sized Comanche.

The Jeep Scrambler(CJ-8) did not offer the Quadra-Trac system. The majority of Jeep Scramblers (CJ-8) used the traditional transfer case and manual front-locking hubs to engage the four-wheel drive. Most Scramblers(CJ-8) used a four- or five-speed standard transmission but a three-speed automatic transmission was an available option.

A full length steel hardtop CJ8 based on the Scrambler was made for the Alaskan Postal Service, using right hand drive and automatic transmissions. Instead of the rear tailgate the steel hardtop utilized a hinged barn door opening to the back. There were only 230 of these produced and sold in the US. This version was also widely sold in Venezuela and Australia as the "CJ8 Overlander", with small differences including full length rear windows on the Overlander. Jeep Australia (Circa 1984). "Jeep Overlander CJ8 Specifications and Dimensions". Press release.  The steel hardtops used on these postal scramblers and Overlanders were known as "World Cab" tops.

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan also owned a blue Scrambler (CJ-8) and used it on his California "Rancho del Cielo" property with the license plate "Gipper".