CJ7 Tops and Accessories

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BesTop® SuperTop
The Supertop is the industry standard in replacement soft tops.  The patented belt-rail mounting system ensures a tight, draft-free fit and it does not require drilling any snap holes.  Adjustable bows prevent sagging and buffeting while zip out rear and side windows allow instant open-air driving.  Other features include: Haartz
® mildew and stain resistant fabric, factory matched colors YYK Zippers and powder coated hardware.  Each top comes with hardware, fabric and windows.  One-year warranty.
Made in the USA

51598-## 1976-1986 CJ7 $1007.95
Color Code 01, 04, 07,  09, 10, 14 or 15
Doors come with Paddle handles and Door Strikers

51603-## 1980-1986 CJ7 $1029.95
Color Code 09, 14, 15 or 37
Doors come with rotary type paddle handles for steel doors
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BesTop® Sunrider
The Sunrider is a fully convertible top with a unique cam-action header to allow the front portion to open like a sunroof.  Utilizes Bestop's patented belt rail system for a draft-free fit.
BesTop® HalfTop
The HalfTop is similar to the Bikini, Windjammer, Duster combo except it has a completely sealed cockpit. "Doors Not Included"

51698-## 1976-1986 CJ7 $837.95
Color Code 01, 09, 15 & 37

53808-## 1986-1991CJ7 Soon
Color Code 01, 04, 09 &15
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BesTop® Replace-A-Top
If your bows and hardware are in good condition the Replace-A-Top may be the solution to a worn and faded soft top.  Since Bestop is the supplier to Jeep (and most others) the Replace-A-Top is the only aftermarket soft top produced using OE specs and materials.  Features no-drill installation, factory matched colors and heavy duty YYK zippers. Fits only factory bows and hardware.

51118-## 1976-1983 CJ7 $569.95
Color Code 01, 04, 05 or 07
BesTop® Half Doors
Half Door Kits include a pair of lower half doors to keep out dirt and debris.  Adjustable door pins ensure an exact fit.  Variety of door handles to close on factory or Bestop supplied strikers.

53028-## 1976-1986 CJ7 $196.95
Color Code 01, 04, 07, 09 or 15

53038-## 1980-1986 CJ7 $225.95
Color Code 01, 09, 15 or 37
Fits hard door striker pin with rotary style paddle handle latch
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BesTop® Door Skins
Re skin your existing door frames for a renewed appearance,  Kits fit over factory door frames with velcro attachments for a quick and easy installation.  Includes upper and lower skins

53118-01 1976-1986 CJ7 $113.95
Black Only
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BesTop® TigerTop
The TigerTop allows owners of early model vehicles to get the latest in soft top technology.  Attaches to the vehicle using reinforced hidden snaps for a clean, custom appearance.  Heat sealed, DOT approved windows roll up for ventilation and that safari look.  Other features include Haartz® fabric, marine grade thread, mandrel bent and powder coated hardware and large YYK zippers.  Comes with fabric and all hardware necessary for installation.  Full soft doors included.  Made in the USA

51408-## 1976-1986 CJ7 $837.95
Color Code 01, 04, 05, 07 or 09
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BesTop® Traditional Bikini
The Traditional Bikini includes footman loops for the rear strap tie-down,  Reinforced edges reduce flapping and genuine Haartz stretch and set fabric is perfectly color matched to the original colors.  Marine grade thread, heavy duty composite buckles and industrial grade webbing ensure this bikini will last a very long time.  Made in the USA

52508-## 1976-1986 CJ7 $59.95
Color Code 01, 04, 07 or 09
. .
BesTop® Strapless Bikini
The Strapless Bikini attaches directly to the sport bar for a clean look.  Reinforced edges help eliminate flapping.  Genuine Haartz fabric, marine grade thread and heavy duty composite buckles and fittings ensure a long life.  Made in the USA

52518-## 1980-1986 CJ7 $64.95
Color Code 01, 04, 07, 09 or 15
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BesTop® Windjammer
The Windjammer helps to shield the vehicles occupants from wind, rain and dust during warm weather and when used with a soft top can retain heat in the cabin during the winter months.  Pass through doggie door allows access to items in the rear.  Attaches to the center sport bar with straps and to the floor with Bestop patented belt rail system.

80028-## 1980-1986 CJ7 $106.95
Color Code 01, 04, 09, 10, 14, 15 & 37
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Windshield Channel
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51209-01 1976-1986 CJ7 Windshield Channel $27.95


Weather Cover

Weather Cover for the CJ7. Sewn in our canvas shop from Matrix car cover material. This fabric allows moisture to escape, but rain beads and rolls off. The inside is soft and gentle on your paint job. Can be used outdoors as a weather cover or indoors as a dust cover. This cover is custom fit to the vehicle and features a stretch band in the lower hem to keep the wind from lifting it. Fits over the spare tire and gas can. Two large grommets are installed for a security cable or tie down running under the vehicle. Easy for one person to put on or remove. Light gray color outside, white inside. A storage bag is included.

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