CJ-3B Body Parts and Accessories

Steel Body Kit & Tub

693197 Steel Body Kit $4,223.95
A12279BO Steel Body Tub Only $3,175.95
Kit includes Body Tub, 2 Fenders and Windshield
Body Mounting Kit
Body Mounting Kit
10599050 Body Mounting Kit $123.95
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Steel Hood
CJ3B Hood
681334 CJ3B Hood $483.95
"Willys" Marked Hood
Sorry No Picture at this time

DMC-681334 Licensed Willys Marked Hood $535.95

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Hood Hinge
CJ3B Hood Hinge
670948 Hood Hinge $29.95
Tailgate Hinge
CJ3B Tailgate Hinge
663669 Tailgate Hinge $42.95
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Steel Tailgate
CJ3B Tailgate
663188 Steel Tailgate $194.95
"Willys" Marked Tailgate
Sorry No Picture at this time

DMC-663188 Licensed Willys Marked Tailgate $152.95

. .
Steel Fenders
CJ3B Front Fenders
681229-3 Steel Front Fender Drivers Side $299.95
681230-3 Steel Front Fender Passengers Side $299.95
"Willys" Marked Grille
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DMC-815398 1959-64 Steel Licensed Willys Marked Grille $411.95

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Side Cowl Step
CJ3B Step
A3008-STEP Steel Side Cowl Step Only Drivers Side $29.95
A3309-STEP Steel Side Cowl Step Only Passengers Side $29.95
Side Step
CJ3 Side Step
646150 Steel Side Step, Left or Right $28.95
. .
Spare Tire Carrier
CJ3B Spare Tire Carrier
5461361 Steel Spare Tire Carrier $21.95
Outrigger Bracket
CJ3B Body Outrigger
645072 Steel Body Outrigger, Left or Right $20.95
. .
Headlight Bezel
CJ3B Headlight Bezel
649518 Chrome Headlight Bezel $30.95
Footman Loops
Footman loop
7697591-SL Silver Finish Footman Loop $2.95
. .
"L" Floor Bracket
CJ3B Rear Floor "L" Bracker
A3120 Rear Floor "L" Bracket $10.95
Jerry Can Carrier
Jerry Can Holder
673457 Jerry Can Carrier $107.95
. .
Pintle Hook
Pintle Hook
A593 Pintle Hook $63.95
Fuel Filler Well
CJ3B Fuel Neck Housing
663505 Fuel Neck Housing $40.95
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Hood Catch Kit

7601 Hood Catch Kit, Pair $7.95
"Jeep" Marked Tool Box
CJ3B Tool Box
DMC-3227K Licensed Jeep Marked Toolbox $225.95
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Front Seat Cushion Set
Sorry No Picture at this time

672000-SET-V Black Vinyl Front Seat Cushion Set (Per Seat) $110.00

Rear Seat Cushion Set
Sorry No Picture at this time

673497-SET-V Black Vinyl Rear Seat Cushion Set $125.00

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Rear View Mirror
CJ3B Rear View Mirror
671167 Mirror $8.95
All Prices are subject to change without notice.  Items subject to availability