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The CJ3A went into production in 1948 and lasted until 1953.
Year Body Model Serial No. Starting Serial No. Ending Units Made
1949 CJ-3A 10001 37749 27749
1950 CJ-3A 37750 63784 26034
1951 CJ3-A 451 GB1 10001 54158 44158
1952 CJ-3A 452 GB1 10001 38652 29652
1953 CJ-3A 453 GB1 10001 20617 10617

History of the CJ3A

The CJ-3A was introduced in 1949, and replaced the CJ-2A by the next year. It featured a one-piece windshield with a vent as well as wipers at the bottom, and a beefed up suspension to accommodate the various agricultural implements that were being built for the vehicle. Another difference was a shorter rear wheel well (the wheel well from the top front edge to the rear of the body is 32 inches (810 mm) on the 3A compared to 34 inches (860 mm) on the 2A) and moving the drivers seat rearward. A bare-bones Farm Jeep version was available starting in 1951 with a power takeoff. A total of 131,843 CJ-3As were produced before the series ended in 1953.