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The CJ2A went into production in 1945 and lasted until 1949.

Year Body Model Serial No. Starting Serial No. Ending Units Made
1945 CJ-2A 10001 11824 1,824
1946 CJ-2A 11825 83379 71,554
1947 CJ-2A   83380 148458 65,078
1948 CJ-2A   148459 222581 74,122
1949 CJ-2A   222582 224764 2,182

History of the CJ2A

Lessons learned with the CJ-2 led to the development of the first full-production CJ, the 1945-1949 CJ-2A. The CJ-2A looked very much like a civilianized MB with a tailgate and side mounted spare tire. One major difference between the MB and the CJ-2A can be found by looking at the grilles of the two vehicles. The MB had recessed headlights and nine-slot grilles while the CJ2A had larger headlights flush-mounted in a seven-slot grille. In place of the MB's T-84 transmission, the CJ-2A was equipped with the beefier T-90 three speed transmission. However, the CJ-2A was still powered with the reliable L-134 Go-Devil engine. It is of interest to note that many of the early CJ-2As were produced using surplus military Jeep parts such as engine blocks and, in a few cases, modified frames.

Since the CJ-2A was primarily intended for farming, ranching, and industrial applications, a wide variety of extra equipment could be purchased with the Jeep. Examples of extra equipment are: rear seat, center rear view mirror (Stock CJ-2As came with only a driver side mirror), front passenger seat (Stock CJ-2As only came with a driver seat), canvas top, front PTO, rear PTO, belt pulley drive, capstan winch, governor, rear hydraulic lift, snow plow, welder, generator, mower, disc, front bumper weight, heavy duty springs, dual vacuum windshield wipers (stock CJ-2As were equipped with a manual wiper on the passenger side and a vacuum wiper on the driver side), dual taillights (Stock CJ-2As had a taillight on the driver side and a reflector on the passenger side), and hot-climate radiator, driveshaft guards, heater, side steps, and radiator brush guard.

CJ-2As were produced with very unique, lively, and sometimes downright ugly color combinations. From 1945 to mid-1946, CJ-2As were only available in two color combinations: Pasture Green with Autumn Yellow wheels and Harvest Tan with Sunset Red wheels. Additional color combinations added in mid-1946 were: Princeton Black with Harvard Red or Sunset Red wheels, Michigan Yellow with Pasture Green, Sunset Red or American Black wheels, Normandy Blue with Autumn Yellow or Sunset Red wheels, and Harvard Red with Autumn Yellow or American Black wheels. The Pasture Green and Harvest Tan combinations were dropped later in 1946. The Harvard Red combinations were dropped in 1947 and replaced with: Picket Gray with Harvard Red wheels, and Luzon Red with Universal Beige wheels. In 1948, the following color combinations were also added: Emerald Green with Universal Beige wheels, Potomac Gary with Harvard Red or American Black wheels. For 1949, the Picket Gray, Michigan Yellow, and Normandy Blue combinations were dropped. Olive drab was also available for export models.

On early CJ-2As, the front seats were covered in Slate Gray vinyl and the rear seat (if ordered) was covered in olive drab vinyl. Later in production, seats could be Barcelona Red, Slate Gray, or olive drab.

A total of 214,760 CJ-2As were produced.


Stock Paint Colors for the CJ2A
American Black
Autumn Yellow
Emerald Green
Harvard Red
Harvest Tan
Luzon Red
Michigan Yellow
Normandy Blue
Olive Drab
Pasture Green
Picket Gray
Potomac Gray
Sunset Red
Universal Beige
Wake Ivory