CJ2A Propeller Shaft Parts and Accessories

Propeller Shafts
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Propeller Shafts
1 A945 Snap Ring, Trunnion Bearing $0.95
2 A1433 Universal Joint $16.95
3 ******   ****
4 A942 Cap, Dust, Universal Joint Yoke Sleeve $4.95
5 A943 Washer, Universal Joint Yoke Sleeve POR
6 640222
Tube, Propeller Shaft, Rear, Up to Serial No. 13453
Tube, Propeller Shaft, Rear, After Serial No. 13453
7 A1445 Yoke End, Universal Joint $59.95
8 640221 Tube, Propeller Shaft, Front POR
9 A490K "U" Bolt, Universal Joint Bearing $7.95
10 A940 Retainer, Trunnion Gasket POR
11 A941 Gasket, Universal Joint Trunnion POR
12 A491 Nut, Hex, 5/16"-24, "U" Bolt POR
13 A935 Yoke, Universal Joint Sleeve POR
14 A1106 Yoke, Transfer Case to Front Propeller Shaft $48.95
15 A950 Yoke, Propeller Shaft Flange POR

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