4th Annual Surplus City's  Spring Mud & Crawl
Held April 24th & 25th, 2010

Pictures of the April 2010 Event to be posted Soon

The Winners for April 2010

The Mud

4/6 Cylinder Stock

1st Place Robert Honroth  
2nd Place Dennis Stansfield  
3rd Place Justin Oxley  

8 Cylinder Mud

1st Place Elias Mederano  
2nd Place Darrell Speer  
3rd Place Zac Taylor  

Unlimited Mud

1st Place Dan Manchester (New Bog Record 3.0 Seconds)  
2nd Place John Schler  
3rd Place Gary Upton  

The Rock

Modified A

1st Place Matt Weiss  
2nd Place Cali Evans  
3rd Place Jay Samprucci  

Modified B

1st John Allen  
2nd Ken Macgregor  
3rd Chris Jimenez  

Super Modified A

1st David Herrick  
2nd Melvin Null  
3rd Chris Barnett  

Super Modified B

1st Travis Voss  
2nd Justin Hall  
3rd Clint White  


1st Jim Brown  
2nd Mark Hall  
3rd Hans Oswald  
Officials Choice Award for the Mud
Heather Francis
Officials Choice Award for the Rock
David Herrick