Surplus City Spring Mud & Crawl
Held April 28th & 29th, 2007

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Pictures of the April 2007 Event

Modified Rock Crawl
1st Ken Cecchini 24 Seconds
2nd Clint White 31 Seconds
3rd Donny Rigby 32 Seconds No Picture at this time
Unlimited Rock Crawl
1st Kurt Vielhauer 79 Points
2nd Glenn Bonner 72 Points
3rd Johnny Stephens 70 Points
4/6 Cylinder Mud Bog
1st Matt Solander 10.26 Seconds
2nd West Phillips 10.96 Seconds No Picture at this time
3rd Marissa Wong 11.75 Seconds No Picture at this time
8 Cylinder Mud Bog
1st Charles James 13 Seconds
2nd Carey Loseth 55 Feet - 4 Inches
3rd Carl Trineman 52 Feet
Unlimited Mud Bog
1st Gary Bradshaw 8.66 Seconds
2nd Carl Trineman 53.97 Seconds
3rd Brian Declair 81 Feet No Picture at this time
Men's Teeter Totter
1st Rory Huber 50 Seconds
2nd Mark Hall 59 Seconds
3rd Rod Sigler 1 Minute - 42 Seconds
Women's Teeter Totter
1st Liz Meyer *
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